Rejuvenate Your Discolored Driveway With Our Pressure Washing Service

Turn to a trusted power washing company in Newburgh, IN

If you want to make a good impression on your guests, you need to do something about those grimy walkways and that discolored siding. If your exterior surfaces need to be cleaned thoroughly, reach out to The Paint Boss for professional pressure washing services.

We'll use our high-pressure cleaning equipment to blast away dirt, grime and bacteria from your concrete and brick features. Once we're done your property will look more welcoming and well-kept.

Call our power washing company in Newburgh, IN today. You can reach us at 812-213-6900.

The benefits of pressure washing your exterior

So why do you need a pressure washing service? Proper pressure washing will:

  • Get rid of moss and mildew: Nobody should deal with cumbersome moss, mildew or any other bacteria on their exterior surfaces
  • Uncover any necessary repairs: Pressure washing removes peeling paint and damaged spots, highlighting the need for future repairs
  • Prepares the area for new paint: Once dirt and debris have been cleared away, your surfaces are ready for a fresh coat of paint

Our power washing team is ready and able to keep your surfaces at their best. Discuss your pressure washing service today by calling our Newburg, IN office.